Contemporary Chicken Coup I, II, III

Contemporary Chicken Coup, I, II, III
Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Chicken Coop Contemporary is delighted to invite you to Contemporary Chicken Coup III, III, an exhibition by Andreas Gurewich that investigates the construction of an artistic practice. In the repetition of a single project over time, we jump from a minor work to a retrospective. Time is a primary in a retrospective, as it is in the word Contemporary. 

In the repetition, an artistic practice, an oeuvre, is being constructed before our eyes. It engages with corporate identity, the way the adminstrative frames of art create its social context, and uses established conventions in the field of contemporary art as medium.  

Andreas Gurewich’s work is sparse, hard to grasp, and often disappointing. In attempting to use art as an excuse to put into question relations of power, there is also a hope to create alternate aesthetic experiences.  An exhibition catalogue that appears to describe the evolution of this work will be available.