Harry Gould harvey IV at NADA

Harry Gould Harvey IV NADA Miami December 6 – 9 2018

Booth 10.13

Chicken Coop Contemporary is proud to show a solo presentation by Harry Gould Harvey IV at NADA Miami.

He pushes his boat into the water. The hours of rowing unknot the days of building other peoples homes. He passes the cherries, walnuts, and oaks glistening with the wings of moths devouring the island. He is not Charon, the souls he delivers are his own, embedded in the clay, cannabalizing himself until he is rid of himself, an american enlightenment, a bounty, $1000 a head, but only because we were unsure we could ask $10,000.

If this sounds romantic let me temper it with the smoke in the air, the buckets we shit in, and our glistening teeth falling out with rot.