Keith J Varadi | Concorde: A Western Tone Poem

Keith J Varadi
Concorde: A Western Tone Poem
December 29 – February 28

Capitalism stole my ass, and now I’m breathless in the buzz bin. A gap to fold; a banana to peel. Keep the body in sync. As you know, a lifetime of slip-ups will leave you sneezing on powder like a newborn son of a bitch. Christ is currently out of the office, auto-replying lures to the masses. And these days, prisms don’t spin themselves. 

Chicken, Pull, Dye-sublimation print on aluminum in aluminum frame, 2015
Perp Prop, adidas athletic bag, baby powder, 2015
Goal Mine, Altered photograph, 2015
Striker, CPR manikin, vintage Pittsburgh Pirates baseball cap, vintage Los Angeles Raiders jacket, tube socks, adidas slide sandals, custom director’s chair, 2015
Soul Cycle, Deck of nude playing cards, nine-pocket plastic card protector sheets, Krazy Glue, safety pin, 2015
Cold Discoveries, Artist’s eyeglasses, artist’s hand-me-down blanket, 2018
Jaws, Oil-based enamel on aluminum, 2013
E.T., Oil-based enamel on aluminum, 2013
Jurassic Park, Oil-based enamel on aluminum, 2013
The Triple Self-Portrait, Three limited edition Norman Rockwell trays, Nine Tramadol pills, Perrier, 2018
The Student, Limited edition Norman Rockwell tray, modified spoon found stabbed in the side artist’s automobile tire, tripod, 2018
Gift / Guide, ZAGAT t-shirt, dry cleaning wire hangers, 2018
Decades of Dirt, Custom doormat, 2015