Revelation Theater

Revelation Theater
Alec Egan & Andreas Gurewich
January 28 – March 1, 2018
Revelation Theater coincides with Secrets, an exhibition opening at Private Places 12-2pm on Sunday the 28th. Both exhibitions are part of Endings, an exhibition of work by Srijon Chowdhury and Bobbi Woods at the Art Gym, Portland, Oregon.

A breeze came through the garden
running like a trout
wrapped inside a line winding
itself out.
A God inside a window
staring at this scene,
was pressed to see the wind blow
against the garden green:
“my intellect has failed me”,
It said without a doubt,
“it’s led me and availed me
to nothing but a drought”.
Outside It and against It
 separated by a pane,
were flowers standing fenced in, 
acknowledging the rain.

-Alec Egan

Alec Egan is an artist and a poet from Los Angeles.

Andreas Gurewich is an artist and a poet from Los Angeles.