The Sunset Ceases to Delight

The Sunset Ceases to Delight
Royce Allen Hobbs
June 3 – 13
Opening Sunday June 3, 2018
In Royce Allen Hobbs’ The Sunset Ceases to Delight, we are presented with the used and repurposed water from a sensory deprivation tank. When sensory overload and unfocus is the everyday, the experience of deprivation is shocking and challenging. The banality of water in a jerrycan is demanding, don’t stop at the water’s surface.
In the accompanying sculptures, both Untitled, the underlying component is the disposal and reintegration of past occupations–the fall off of an experience once had. A disabled horn speaker and abandoned wasp nest share visual and audible silences analogous to a home once lived in and announcements no longer made. All three works have a subtle relationship to each other in that they are elusive, predominately white and question our needs for artistic fulfillment; to a degree that fosters intimacy.
Royce Allen Hobbs makes works to perturb the veil and validate the poetic narratives that lie in the background of contemporary lifestyles. He lives and works in Seattle, Washington.